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Academic Honesty Policy

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Academic Honesty Policy
Independence of thought is one of the most important skills a student will learn and develop during their time on the International Baccalaureate course (IB). The IB system encourages students to be inquirers, developing skills for inquiry and research and learning independently. Students should also demonstrate that they are knowledgeable learners by not only stating their own opinions, but by also supporting their positions with information from a wide range of appropriate academic sources. IB students are expected to be effective communicators who are able to find, evaluate, and use academic information in order to strengthen their own reasoned arguments, both orally and in writing. Last but not least, IB students should be principled, they have to act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice and with respect for the dignity and rights of other people; students
should take responsibility for their actions and their consequences.
At Wuxi No.1 High School, we value why, how and what students think, and expect students to value it also. To show the value of student’s and others opinions, it is vital that students do not commit academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to:
• Cheating - intentional use or attempted use of trickery or deception in one's academic work
• Fabrication - intentional falsification and/or invention of any information or citation
• Plagiarism - knowingly representing the words or ideas of another as one's own work
• Facilitating dishonesty - knowingly helping or attempting to help another commit an act of academic dishonesty
At Wuxi No. 1 High School we expect students to use information from a wide and varying range of sources during their studies, but we expect this to be done correctly. Students will be taught how to correctly access and cite information from academic sources. To further academic honesty in academic classes, students will also be enrolled into an online plagiarism checking program; Turnitin. All teachers have access to the plagiarism program and will utilize it to ensure academic honesty for assignments.
If a staff member deems that a student has broken the academic honesty policy:
1. He will talk to the student to verify the offence.
2. If the offence is verified and the student admits to it, the staff member will notify the CP, who will record the offence in the Academic Honesty breach register and will take appropriate action.
3. If the offence is verified but the student doesn’t admit to it, the staff member will notify the CP, but the student will have the right to appeal this decision by appearing in front of the CP within 24 hours of the CP being notified of the offence by the teacher, before he records the offence in the Academic Honesty breach register and takes appropriate action.
The action taken by the CP will depend on the number of times the student has broken the academic honesty policy:
First offence: The student will automatically receive a mark of zero for the specific task in which he has broken the academic honesty policy. A written warning will be issued for the student and the parents of the student to sign, acknowledging his breach of academic honesty policy and his intention to adhere to it in the future.
Second offence: Aside from the penalties above being repeated, the student’s parents will be notified by phone and in writing and will be asked to take part in preventative and corrective guidance and counselling. An agreement will be placed in writing, signed by the student, parents, IB coordinator and Centre Principal.
Third offence: The above penalties will be enacted. In addition to this, the Admission Policy Contract will be reviewed with parents and the student, leading to possible suspension or non-admission for the next school term.
As an empowered and socially responsible individual and a member of the global academic community, please sign below to show that you have read and understand this policy and that you are aware of the consequences of the inappropriate use of others work.
I declare I have read and understood the above academic honesty policy, will abide by the above rules and I am aware that failure to do so may have a severe impact on my educational future.
Signature of student (English and Pin yin): __________________________
Signature of parent: ____________________
Date: ______________
Please refer to following document.
思维的独立是IB 课程学生需要学习和发展的最重要的技巧之一。IB 课程体系鼓励学生全面均衡发展,要求学生定期评估行为表现,保证自己的行为是一个高水平学习者的体现以及一个全球公民应该具备的能力。学生还应该表现出自己是知识渊博的学习者:不仅要会通过陈述自身的观点来表现,还需要学会使用适当的学术信息来支持自身的观点。IB 学生要成为高效的交流者,能够发现、评估、使用学术信息来支持自身的合理观点。在无锡一中,我们重视学生思考的原因、方式和内容,并且希望学生也能够重视这些。为了能够体现自己和他人想法的价值,承诺不学术剽窃是非常重要的:剽窃意味着故意抄袭别人的作品或者观点。
全体学生必须意识到,作为学者,你应该是全球学术社区的一部分, 必须通过以下几点来表
1. 不抄袭别人的作品或者观点。
2. 绝不捏造数据或者例子。
3. 遵守所有考试规则。
4. 意识到学术成果是个人的反思,会受到校内外老师的仔细检查。
第一次犯规:如果学生承认在完成某项作业时剽窃,此项作业会被评分为零分, 并收到一份
第二次犯规:除了上述的惩罚,学生家长将会收到书面通知,并且参加预防性、矫正性指导和辅导会议。学校会出具一份诚信协议,由学生、家长、IB 课程协调老师和升学顾问老师共同签名。
日期: __________________________
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